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The value of the business and its assets is indisputable and is the main source of our income, which has been acquired with difficulty. From its smooth operation, the quality of life is guaranteed both by ourselves and our family, as well as by the people who work for us. Protecting them from unexpected dangers and securing the responsibility we have towards third parties from the operation of its premises and from our professional status is essential.


Business Protection

Our business is one of our most valuable assets, which can be exposed to unforeseeable risks and events.

Our goal in a potential risk such as fire, earthquake, flood, theft, threatening our business with total or partial destruction is to restore things to the situation before the incident by covering the cost of replacing the damage, as well as loss of profits.

For this reason, we choose completed business programs from companies in Greece and abroad that are designed to measure all possible damages that may occur to your business. Whether you have small medium-sized enterprises or industrial and large commercial establishments.


Photovoltaic System Protection

The need to save energy and money combined with the significant benefits to the environment, energy markets and sustainable growth through it extends the insurance need to protect this asset from risks such as fire, earthquake, mechanical damage, loss of profits.

We choose the best packages for you in cooperation with the largest insurance companies .


Third Party Liability Protection

As a professional, there is a risk that you will be exposed to demands from third parties who claim to have been damaged by your work, however good you are.

Business liability relieve the insured person of the stress of an unexpected unfortunate moment.

The financial responsibility we incur from material damage or bodily injuries that we may cause to third parties in the event of injury or accident, due to our own and our company's members negligence in the context of our usual activities, may be great.

For example, a business accident such as falling into a pool and causing physical damage, a problem in the operation of the elevator, the possibility of a fire, a food poisoning of a customer from food offered in the restaurant area are just some of the cases that can happen to us.

The amount of compensation we will be required to pay in such cases places us and our business at serious financial risk.

In addition, we can cover:

  • employers' responsibility for the employees of the company as well as other optional coverings depending on the activity of the company.
  • Doctors / Architects / Engineers
  • Accountants
  • Pharmacists
  • KTEO
  • General Tourism Offices