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The most precious asset in our lives is our family. They are the people we love and love us. We meet the needs of their everyday life and give them the ability to smile, dream and create. We provide them with confidence.


Family Protection

Everyday we deal with events that we can cope, without changing our way of life and what we have achieved so far. Unfortunately, everything changes when a sudden loss occurs, when the main economical support is lost and the income that protects the family members stops.

No one wants to think about it, but it can happen to everyone.

Loss is emotionally irreplaceable, but income can be secured.

Accurate planning to meet your family's financial needs, is a profound act of love and the best means of protecting it.


Health Protection

HEALTH! The most precious of human goods.

The need to ensure quality health services is becoming increasingly important

Hospitalization: In the face of a possible hospitalization, we want to have for us and our family the right to choose the best care with the best possible conditions. Unfortunately the gaps in the public health system combined with the very high economic costs currently enjoyed by our private health services, make us unable to cope with this, possibly with the right to decent treatment.

Diagnosis: Prevention is half the health treatment. Diagnostic tests, greatly reduce the various risks that threaten our health.

Serious diseases: Serious conditions such as myocardial infraction, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, etc., is possible to make us face the very high costs required to deal with these diseases and to live a dignified life.

We provide the ability to customise such coverage, to avoid the risk of putting yourself and your family financially exposed, while ensuring that your standard of living is maintained without deviating from your family planning.


Accident Protection

In our everyday life, there are unexpected dangers that we can not predict nor exclude, from a minor injury such as cutting a hand until a broken leg. Medical expenses combined with rehabilitation can greatly affect your family budget.

We provide you with the ability to customise such coverage so that you remain consistent with your financial obligations.


Income Protection

Our ability to work and produce money is one of the most valuable economic assets that sustain our standard of living.

In case of a disease or an accident, our ability to work either temporarily or permanently may be lost. At that point, the financial difficulty in which we find ourselves can be unsustainable for us and our family.

We provide you with the ability to customise such coverage so that you remain consistent with your financial obligations.