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The value of our assets is indisputable. On the one hand, the difficulty of acquiring them and on the other hand because the income from their exploitation is often part of our family budget. Their protection against unexpected dangers and the obligation we have to third parties as owners of them, is essential for the smooth operation of our family.


Property Protection

Our main home or cottage is one of our most valuable assets, to which we have invested both economically and emotionally.

Our goal in a potential risk such as fire, earthquake, flood, theft, and so on, threatening our home with total or partial destruction, is to restore things to the situation before the incident by covering the cost of replacing the damage and the extra living costs.

That's why we've been choosing complete residential plans for you, by companies in Greece and abroad, to meet your modern needs either as owners or tenants, in order for you and your family to return as soon as possible in your everyday life.


Photovoltaic System Protection

The need to save energy and save money through it, extends the insurance need to protect this asset from risks such as fire, earthquake, mechanical damage, loss of profits, etc.

We choose the best packages for you in cooperation with the largest insurance companies .


Third Party Liability Protection

Family liability relieves the insured person of the stress of an unexpected unfortunate moment.

The great financial responsibility we incur from material or bodily damage that we may cause to third parties in the event of injury or accident, due to our own and our family members negligence in the context of our usual activities, may cause great financial effect.

For example, a pool accident, a problem in the home elevator or accidents that come from the home, such as a flower pot that can fall from the balcony and cause material damage to a neighbor's property or bodily injury a passerby, are some of the cases that can happen to us.

The amount of compensation we will be required to pay in such cases, places us and our family at serious financial risk.

Our goal is to choose a cover that protects you and your loved ones while maintaining the confidence and security you deserve.

In addition, we can cover:

  • employers' responsibility.
  • third liability of a cat or a dog.
  • your responsibility as a block of flats manager.